From the President's Desk

The Trust is an obligation placed on the settler to legally hold the property of the Trust for the benefit of others (by fulfilling the objectives of the Trust) and the responsibilities of the Trustees includes the protection of the rightful ownership of the Trust property.

It is my proud privilege and pleasure to present to you the first edition of samarika. Its publication was only possible by the hard work done by Shri Lakhi Ram Verma, Settler of the Trust and its promoters in approaching and enrolling patron trustees, trustees, members and donors; and collecting personal information about them in the prescribed form. The Trust Deed was registered on 13.12.2005. I am thankful to him and the promoters for creating this institution for the welfare of the society in general and Rohillas and Taanks, in particular. My thanks are also to patron trustees and trustees, who offered to be elected as office bearers of the Trust and who, made great efforts and enrolled more patron trustee and trustees, collected and compiled the data. Samarika contains information about their names, addresses, profession, telephone /mobile numbers, nominees, etc. of patron trustees, trustees, members and donors which will be of much help us in knowing more about each other. It also contains copy of Trust Deed, Rules and Regulations/Bye Laws amended up to 5.9.2019, Our Achievements and a Biography of Sant Shiromani Namdev ji.

The Trust prides itself that it has acquired a 400 sq. yd. plot of land near Tikri Kalan Metro Station. Its construction will start soon. We are grateful to those who labored with us in locating a plot of land, in Kanjhawala or a suitable place near Metro Station. It all required time and physical effort. The persons who donated money for this noble cause also eminently deserve our gratitude. It may not be out of place to mention here that Trust propose to built a small temple in the premises in name of Sant Shiromani Namdev Ji . His short biography is given below.

Sant Shiromani Namdev Ji was born on October 26th, 1270 in the state of Maharashtra, Narsi Namdev village. The name of his father, a calico printer/chhipi/chimba/tailor, was Damshet and his mother’s name was Gonabai. We pay our obeisance to him. Most of the spiritual messages of Bhagat Namdev, just like our gurus’, emphasized the importance of living the life of a householder (grihsth jeevan) and that, through marriage, and having a family, one could attain enlightenment.

At the age of eleven, Namdev was married to Rajai. Namdev and Rajai had four sons. Namdev showed little interest in the family business. Even as a child his devotion to Lord Vitthal was extraordinary – his sole occupation was to spend day and night singing and dancing in praise of Vithoba. Singing and dancing is a Divine gift and thus on 3rd July, 1350, at the age of 80 he danced out of this world and merged into Brahm.

His Kirtans were so effective that it is said –Namdev Kirtan kari, pudhe nache dev Panduranga, (Namdev delivers his kirtan, in front of him dances the Lord Pandurang). His goal in life was – Nachu Kirtanache rangi, Dnyandeep lavu jagi (Will dance to the tune of Kirtan, light the lamp of knowledge the world over).

S.R. Rohilla,