how to help

Ways you can Help us help the Community are as follows:-

General Donations:- A donation to our general fund goes to where the greatest need is at the moment. Your gift allows us to provide immediate relief when there is a crisis and to supply vital services to the people in the countries in which we serve.

Monthly Giving Clubs:- Monthly giving clubs offer the convenience of setting up automatic monthly donations and allow you to direct your funds to the program that you choose.

Current Appeal:- Make a one-time donation or a regular monthly contribution toward a meaningful, noble needed cause.

Planned Giving:- Our planned gifts are reciprocal gifts, returning benefits that can reduce your taxes, increase your retirement income and address your family’s financial obligations — all while ministering to the needs of the poor.

Food:- Imagine seeing your children slowly starving… and having nothing to feed them… Your gift today will bring lifesaving food to hungry children and their families.

Shelter:- For the poorest of the poor, “home” might be little more than a few sticks, mud, and scraps of plastic or metal. Your gift for housing will help provide a family with a safe, basic home and restore their human dignity.

Water:- Clean, safe drinking water is essential for life. In developing countries, access to safe drinking water can be limited, often resulting in serious illnesses and death. Your gift will help provide lifesaving water to those lacking clean drinking water and sanitation.

Sponsorship:- Often, poor families are trapped in poverty because they have no viable means of earning income. What better way to help improve lives than to give a village the means to sustain itself economically? Your gift for a self-sustaining project will have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of those you help.


To Know more options and To Donate now call our Helpline No:- +91-11-2594-3377