The Trust shall function as non-profit and non-political organisation committed to utilize all the resources generated or received by it’s members, trustees only to establish, promote, setup, run ,maintain, assist, finance; Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Libraries, or other educational and cultural Institutions, Orphanages, Old Age homes, or other establishments for the relief and/or help of the poor, old and infirm people without any restrictions such as Religion, Creed, Community or Castle.

The Trust would grant, pay or give Scholarships, Stipends, Prizes, Rewards, Allowances and other Financial help in Cash and in Kind to students with a view to help them pursue their Studies in Schools, Colleges, Educational and Vocational Institutions.

The Trust will help in setting up / maintaining / running Research Centers for Agriculture, Horticulture, Medicinal, Plants Cultivation and provide this technology to Rural youths and people having needs of such education tom improve their living conditions through training sessions and Workshops.

The Trust will Co-operate and Co-ordinate with National and International Agencies, Governments & Non-Government Bodies and Individuals for achieving the aforesaid Objectives of the Trust.