Our Achievements

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is a matter of great happiness and satisfaction that a Trust by the name of Rohilla Taank Charitable Trust (Regd.) has been set up in the NCT of Delhi.    The Trust Deed had been registered on 13.12.2005. But for one reason or the other work in this direction could not be started.  It has only now been possible that a plot of land measuring  400 sq.yds., out of Khasra No.26/19, situated in the revenue estate of Village Tikri Kalan, Netaji Subhash Park,  New Delhi-110041,  Tikri Kalan Metro Station, Pillar No.696, opposite   Sai Baba Mandir,   has  been   purchased for Rs.78 lakhs.  Most of the payment has been made and GPA has been registered.  Arrangements are under way to make the balance payment within a short time.  

The jurisdiction of the Trust extends to the whole of the country and it is international in its character. The objectives of the Trust are initially to start an educational   institution   and after gaining some experience, start  technical, vocational, medical, etc. institutions – motto is that of providing service to society.  The Trust will be a no profit , no loss,  secular body and its benefits shall extend to all members of the society without any discrimination on basis of  religion, caste and creed .

The subscription amount for the Patron Trustee or promoter trustee was Rs.21,000/- before 14.6.2015  which was later raised to  Rs.51,000/- after 14.6.2015. 

            It is heartening to know that the Trust has already acquired a membership of about 200, mostly from NCT of Delhi, in a very short time.  Patron trustees, who contributed Rs.51,000/- is 60.   A list of trustees and patron trustees may please be seen at the website of the Trust WWW.ROHILLATAANK.ORG (Annexure A). An eligible person, for becoming a Trustee (Rs.21,000/-)/Patron Trustee (Rs.51,000/-) shall have to make an application in the prescribed form (Annexure B) which can be downloaded.